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This process is done by using "blueboard". Blueboard is a specific type of gypsum board made for plastering. After hanging the blueboard all seams are taped using a fiberglass mesh. A heavy gauge metal corner bead is then installed to all outside corners.

A coat of plaster is applied to all the seams and corners and then followed up with a thin coat of veneer plaster over the entire surface.

The plaster is "worked" until it is hard and smooth. If a textured finish is preferred, then the plaster is randomly "swished" with a trowel by hand. Texture finish is generally used on ceilings and in garages. Another option for plastering is the "Two Coat System".

This process is done by applying a basecoat plaster on the entire surface prior to the veneer skimcoat finish. The two coat system is generally used in higher end homes due to the additional cost of materials and labor.

Many options are available for ceiling finishes. Such as smooth, sand and various textures.

Here at Shanahan Drywall & Plastering we can match and blend into existing areas that most plasterers cannot. We specialize in custom finishes.

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